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High Lift Garage Doors

There are various reasons why would anyone want to convert standard-sized residential garage doors into high-lift garage doors in Richmond Hill, Ontario. We had customers who needed a bigger clearance for an RV. Some needed space for a car lift. The reason why any homeowner would want a high lift garage door doesn’t matter. What matters is that Richmond Hill Garage Door Repair can be considered the go-to company for all relevant installations and services.

In Richmond Hill, high-lift garage doors for all projects

High Lift Garage Doors Richmond Hill

We provide high-lift garage doors to Richmond Hill customers who book installation. Or replacements. Or conversions. When it’s time for such projects, there’s also a need to find a suitable garage door. Before anything else, there’s a need to find the right high-lift garage door sizes.

It’s no wonder we send techs to first check the garage and see if a higher door would fit. This is a necessity before conversions. We also send techs to measure when it comes to replacements and new installations. There are dimensions to meet most residential needs. Of course, if there’s enough space or we are talking about new construction, customized-size high-lift garage doors are the best solution.

With customized solutions, you not only choose the suitable dimensions but also go beyond the usual high-lift garage door designs and get exactly what you like and want. Of course, there are choices, overall. There is a variety of materials, hardware, colors, styles, features, and more. Some want a steel door, some want an aluminum high-lift garage door. Some want a flush panel style, some prefer decorative elements. In any case, the new door has the necessary features, the right track system, the correct springs and opener, and all the components required for great resistance, longevity, and performance. Naturally, all such great things are also the result of flawless install service.

From high-lift garage door installation to repair, complete services

Feel confident in reaching our team for any high-lift garage door service. This may be anything from replacements and maintenance to new installations and repairs.

  •          Do you want to upgrade with the installation of new tracks?
  •          Is there a problem and you must book high-lift garage door repair?
  •          Do you want to discuss a new high-lift garage door home installation?
  •          Need to have some damaged parts replaced?
  •          Time for you to book maintenance?

No matter what you need for high-lift garage doors, Richmond Hill’s most experienced team is standing by ready to step in. Say the word.